Why Hire A Drunk Driving Lawyer

Going home from a party? Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs? You might get arrested and be charged with an offense. It can also be an intoxicated person physically drinking in the car even if he is not the one driving.  This is referred to as open container law.  Open container laws vary by state. If arrested for a drunk driving offense in WI, you need representation. Nathan Dineen is considered one of the best Milwaukee DUI lawyers you can hire.

This criminal offense can involve an actual drunk person driving a car. It can also be an intoxicated person physically present in the car even if he or she is not the one driving. The person will be charged with a  blood alcohol content of 0.8% or above.


It is a serious criminal offense that could lead to a lot of consequences and penalties.

The number of drunk driving cases increases almost every year. There are a lot of accidents happening involving drunk drivers. These accidents also lead to the death of these people.

An experienced lawyer must handle this kind of case. There are a lot of strict laws being implemented on the accused driver. There are a lot of penalties for DUI drivers.


Getting charged with DUI will cost you some serious cash. There are requirements needed to be done like engaging in treatments and devices to be installed in your car. Your license can also be suspended, or worse, revoked. It will depend on what level of offense you are in. You might be sent to jail and do some community service.

You must consider a lot of things when choosing a lawyer. These DUI lawyers are already familiar with the court system when it comes to this type of case. They are well knowledgeable of the plea bargain details that can be used during your trial. They will also completely navigate the administration produces during the entire period.

You can set an appointment or an initial consultation with the attorney. They offer it usually with no charge. You can get to know the attorney more and will help you decide whether that attorney is the best choice for you.

Seeking for an attorney’s help will cost you a lot of money. You can always ask for his total cost for representation. Also, ask if there would be an additional cost in his representation in case anything else might occur during the hearing. There is no need for you to worry about the cost. Some attorneys offer payment options and credit financing.

A good attorney will be able to tell you all the options you can take during the process. They are familiar with all the defenses, laws, local prosecutors, and all the other options related to your case.

Overall, the biggest advantage to hiring a drunk driving attorney is that they know almost everything about the consequences and rules of a DUI arrest. Without the help of a drunk driving attorney, you will not be able to get through this phase successfully.

Be a responsible adult. You can always prevent getting this offense by not driving while being intoxicated in alcohol or drugs. Your life is so important, take the necessary steps to help avoid getting into accidents. Do not drink if you know you will be driving home